Bundle of pictures leaked by Chinese website, showing the White Nexus 5, new iPad mini 2 and iPad 5.

White Nexus 5, new iPad mini 2 and iPad 5.

The numerous images of White variant of Nexus 5, iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 leaked by Chinese website.

White Nexus 5:

The Google nexus 5 leaked several times but now the leaked image showing a White Google Nexus in wonderful look. The captured picture of white variant of Google Nexus 5 makes you more accurate in your decision for updating your smartphone. the white and black version of Nexus 5 will be launch together. According to previous news, Nexus 5 will use 4.96 inches screen, 1080P screen with 800 processor, 8 MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 2G RAM, 16/32G ROM, supports wireless charging, NFC and LTE, price $ 349 onwards, or on October 28 release. The leak picture also showing the fingerprint sensor.

See the picture and guess whether it stuck your choice.

Google Nexus 5

iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5:

On other hand, three images of iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 also leaked from China website. These two iPads are going to unveil on 22 Oct event by Apple. New iPads are being supposed as the most improved devices in iPad technology. These iPads are expected to be the most famous iPads of Apple till 2014.

Apple iPad mini 2 and iPad 5

The first captured picture (above image) leaked showing the size comparison between Apple iPad mini 2, Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPhone 5S. This picture showing new iPads with the iPhone family photo from the photo view and obviously the above picture is showing nothing more than iPad5, iPad mini2 and iPhone5S shape comparison. The shapes of the iPads in size comparison showing us the edges design more accurately. Two more images also leaked by Ctechcn.com, discussed below.

Apple iPad mini 2

We can clearly see from the 2nd and 3rd leaked images of iPad mini 2 nad iPad 5 that the iPad mini 2 Home button does not change, It confirms that the iPad mini 2 does not support fingerprint scanner. While these pictures are not confirming the retina display.

Apple iPad 5

The 3rd picture shows the iPad 5 clearly with fingerprint scanner as the Home Key is different from iPad mini 2 home key.  While the design of Apple iPad 5 is similar with Apple iPad mini 2.

Some Earlier leaked images of Apple iPad5 and iPad mini 2 by CTechcn are given below.

Apple iPad mini 2 and Apple iPad 5 Apple iPad mini 2 and Apple iPad 5

Apple iPad 5
Apple iPad 5

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